Overview of C Language

Overview of C Language

Overview of C Language

Why learn C,

If you want to become a programmer or you will hope learn programming, C programming language is the best approach. Because C isn’t a high level language and can’t make a major program, So you need to put more effort to make a program using C. Then you can grow your logical thinking.

eg: Python can easily calculate the length of an array, but it's not easy if you calculate the length of an array using C. It will has requires some condition and a loop.

Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C# are inspired by C language and C++ is built on C language.


• The Unix operating system was developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson using assembly language from the PDP-7 to the PDP-11 version.
• Then Thompson needed a new programming language to develop the Operating System. So the result "B programming language" was born.
• Later while Ritchie was working with the PDP-11, he developed the "B" and added new features. It is called "New B".
• Thompson began writing a Unix kernel system and developed the “New B” which became “C” in 1972-1973.
• In 1978 "K & R C" version (C78) was released along with the book "C Programming language".

K&R C Book

• In 1989 "ANSI C" (American National Standards Institute C) (C89) was released.
• In 1990 "ISO C" (International Organization for Standardization C) (C90) was released.
• In 2011 -“ C11”, 2017 -“C17” was released.
• "C23" will be released in 2023.

Structure of C

01) Header


02) Main

eg: int main() { }

03) Variable declaration

eg: int x; , char z = ‘A’;

04) Body

eg: printf (“%d”, x); , printf (“%s”, z);

05) Return

eg: return 0;

Simple Program


I hope you learned a few things about the history of the C programming language. The next article is about the C programming language.

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