Type Faster, Work Smarter: Expert Tips for Improving Typing Speed

Speed typing with Touch type method

Why we should increase our typing speed

Most of our day-to-day work like studies and careers use our computer. So you should be familiar with these things, such as how to use a computer, how to get help the cloud serves for save your data, when you want to learn a new topic, how to find suitable resource articles, books, and videos. Directly or indirectly typing skills help for those activities.

Let’s see an example of the importance of speed typing,
When you face an interview, an interviewer gives some tasks, like writing a program, analyzing some data, and creating a budget sheet with time duration. Typing is one of the parts of this task and if you already have the best speed for typing, you can focus and get more time to do other things.

Have you felt any doubt or embarrassed yourself about your typing speed being slow, accuracy being low and your every time switch your head up and down between keyboard and screen? That is why we going to learn the “touch typing method”.

How to increase typing speed

Before you start improving your typing skills, you need to know what is your level. You can check your level using these tools,

After knowing your level, you can start increasing exercises and try techniques. Let’s see some tools for increasing your typing speed.

You can use those tools to increase your typing speed. Now we will see how to use some tools and how to get better accuracy.

The first one is the Typing Club. It has more tools, but this time we will discuss about “Typing Jungle” game and it has 680+ levels.

If you don’t know anything about the “Touch Typing Method” or you switch your head between the screen and keyboard while you typing, you can start playing this game. Here is the important thing you should know, You can finish this game in 7 days or 2 days, but it is not our purpose. You need to do this every day consistently. Get as much time as you need, like you can play 10 games in one day. Again important point is to practice consistently.

Meanwhile, you continue to learn in “Typing Club”, you can try other tools which are mentioned above. If you going to do finger exercises, you can get better results.

Benefits of speed typing

  • Save time

    If you can type faster, you can save your time well.

  • Improve your focus

    While you typing something, you shouldn’t have to think about typing and then put more focus on the moment. Suppose you writing a film script, so you can focus on building your story with less interruption.

  • Be more productive

    Above we had mentioned saving your time, also you can give an extra effort to do other things to be productive.

Don’t give up and do consistently.